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Easy way to set up virtual language classes


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What makes Sanako Connect great for language teaching:


    • Enables all the benefits from language laboratory and is accessible from anywhere using laptops, Chromebooks or tablets
    • No login needed for the students, students join by unique link (no data privacy issues)
    • Pair students and add them to group discussions
    • Audio and text-based communication tools between teacher and students
    • File sharing from teacher to students
    • Exercise creation for model imitation, gap-fill exercises and much more
    • Ability to collect, review and give feedback for students’ audio recordings and work


“Thanks! Already half of my students have chosen to enter the Sanako Connect classroom for their verbal practice. You have helped to make teaching very manageable in a highly uncertain situation.”

¡Mil gracias! ~ A “thousand” thanks!” – Spanish teacher


“This tool is really extraordinary. So helpful for us. It is the best vocational training I ever had with my colleagues.”

– French teacher from a grammar school in Dresden, Germany


Benefits for language teachers:


Teachers can lead classes in real-time or leave the session open for self-paced language learning

Sanako Connect works in real-time teaching as well as in asynchronous teaching. Teachers can easily divide students into pair or groups, share files or create exercises online. There are many ways to communicate with students, through audio or chat. The teacher can also review students’ work and provide them with feedback asynchronously.



    • Create student groups or pairs
    • Drag & drop files and create exercises to be shared with students
    • Talk with the whole class, group or individual students
    • Review student work and provide feedback


Benefits for students:


Increases the time each student spends speaking and actively practicing during classes

The online teaching platform increases speaking time of each student comparing to traditional settings, allowing students to practice more effectively while learning a new language. Students and teachers are connected via any tablet, computer or Chromebook regardless of time and place.



    • Use your own device or any laptop, tablet or Chromebook
    • More time speaking than a traditional classroom environment
    • Send messages and talk in private, in pairs and in groups
    • Receive direct feedback from teacher


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