Sanako Study 500

Classroom management software for using class time for what it’s meant for: teaching and learning.


You are in charge of the programs your students use, the internet pages they view and the activities they do.

  • Optimized wireless performance
  • Individualize teaching
  • Monitor students’ progress
  • Stay in control with features such as Internet blocking and Application control
  • Collaborate with students by using the interactive whiteboard and marker tool


What can you do with Study 500?

Divide Students into Six Different Sessions

Study 500 has up to six sessions. You can initiate different activities for the students and use different methods for each session to individualize learning. You can put more advanced students in self-study session while focusing on the students who require more support. In the Self-Access mode each student works independently.

Monitor Students

You can monitor and listen to selected students’ work and view their screens. Screen monitoring allows the teacher to view the screen activity of multiple student workstations in real time seeing how assignments progress. All student screens can be viewed simultaneously as thumbnails.

Transfer your screen and audio

Study 500 allows you to share the contents of your screen and talk to the students at the same time, e.g. show a video from the internet. The screen image and audio can be transferred to a single student or the entire class. You can highlight screen items with the Marker Tool in order to make sure that students are concentrating on essentials.

Control Student PCs

Study 500 gives you the control over student PCs. You can black out the student screens and/or lock the cursors and keyboards to draw their attention. You can also block the use of Internet or other applications to help students focus on a given task.

Recommended accessory: headphones

Sanako Headset SLH-07 complements the renowned audio quality of all Sanako products. It is specifically designed for demanding education environments. Replaceable ear cushions and removable cable on the Sanako Headset allows for on-site replacement to extend the product lifetime even further.Headphones SLH-07

Additional modules

With the Examination module you can easily create a variety of tests for students. You can use audio, video, images and text in the questions, and customize the grading scale to your needs.

Admin Tool allows for remote monitoring and control of Study workstations and is ideally used by the school IT staff to perform maintenance tasks remotely.

Video Live assists teachers in streaming video from a variety of analog sources directly to students.