Sanako delivers language labs to 14 Vietnamese institutions

The delivery is part of a joint educational project between Sanako, IIG Vietnam and Ha Dong District Government in Vietnam.Sanako Corporation, its partner IIG Vietnam and Ha Dong District Government in Vietnam have completed the first phase of a joint educational project for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. This project was initiated by the District Government to introduce modern teaching methodology integrated with Sanako’s technology, in order to support “English Language Learning and Teaching” for students and teachers respectively.

For the first phase, 5 kindergartens, 5 primary schools and 4 secondary schools were selected to participate in this Education Project. Sanako has delivered the Sanako Study 1200 language lab to the 14 institutions, together with an offline version of Mingoville Preschool and Classic software. The language learning solution also included a teacher training package. Sanako trained 40 teachers not only to use the Sanako language lab for teaching English, but also how to use ICT tools to support teaching overall. Sanako’s partner IIG Vietnam was the local project contractor. The delivery and implementation of Sanako’s solution in this first phase of the educational project took about a month to finish, from the end of November to the end of December 2011.

“A language lab engages students to actively participate in language learning exercises and encourages them to practise more than is currently possible in a traditional classroom environment. Sanako Study 1200 is our flagship and it is designed to make teaching and learning with ICT both enjoyable and effective,” says Ken Ang, Regional Director for APAC area at Sanako.

The project will enhance the quality of English teaching and learning at kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools in Ha Dong district. It will improve the infrastructure of English language teaching and learning by adopting modern technology and methodology in language teaching. Foreign language teachers will have standardised teaching methods and updated modern technology at their disposal. At elementary school level, an English curriculum with modern learning technology will be applied.

This project is part of the bigger initiative of Ha Dong district: Improving quality of English language learning and teaching in Ha Dong district – Period 2011-2015. It follows the national project of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, entitled “Teaching and learning foreign languages in the national education system 2008-2020 period”.

“Sanako’s ability to provide turn-key solutions in project business and Sanako’s extensive experience in similar cases were certainly strong advantages as to why Sanako was chosen to deliver the solution for Ha Dong District Government. Also Sanako’s partner IIG Vietnam has long experience in the education sector and they provided valuable local knowledge and support” says Klaus Koponen, SVP Sales and Marketing at Sanako.

The Opening Ceremony for Ha Dong Project Language Learning Lab Solutions was held on 12th January, 2012, in Hanoi, Vietnam.  “Ha Dong has been regarded as one of the fastest growing districts in Hanoi. During the development process, Ha Dong district has been improving its urban centers to become a modern urban district. In achieving this goal, education is regarded as a crucial factor contributing to the advancement of culture and society. Among other things, creating a favorable environment for foreign language teaching and learning is also essential. By 2020 an increased proportion of the Vietnamese youth will be able to use a foreign language for communication, studying and working in the global environment,” announced Mr. PHẠM KHẮC TUẤN, Chairman and Party Committee Secretary – Ha Dong District.
“As is the case in the Finnish “ICT in education sector”, pilot projects, public and private sector often work closely together to develop models for the benefit of the broader society. Based on these proven successes in Finland, and the trends in development cooperation which encourage institutional cooperation, I therefore look forward to seeing further fruitful cooperation between Sanako Oy and its Vietnamese public and private sector partners for the benefit of Vietnamese society,” concluded the Finnish Ambassador to Vietnam, Kimmo Lähdevirta, in his presentation during the opening event.

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