SANAKO Increases Focus in Americas

SANAKO has announced that it will increase sales activities in South and Central America and the Caribbean. To back up this strategic focus, the company will establish a new SANAKO Regional Office to be based in Naples, Florida.

The regional office will be lead by sales partner Mr. Thomas Schonrock. SANAKO Senior Vice President Raimo Körkkö said Mr. Schonrock and his team are well positioned to support Sanako’s efforts in the region.  “Thomas has been a member of the SANAKO family since 2000, and we are pleased to embark on a closer relationship,” he added.

The new regional office will enhance the following benefits for regional partners:

  • immediate marketing and sales support in Spanish language
  • instant support in the same time zone
  • increased activities with a customer focus
  • assistance in creating and maintaining contacts with high-level decision makers
  • a strong link between regional partners and Finland Headquarters

The new arrangements take effect immediately. More information is available from:

Raimo Körkkö: raimo.korkko (at)
Thomas Schonrock: tschonrock (at)