Sanako launches a language lab for teaching and learning of sign language

We are excited to announce the release of the latest addition to our product portfolio, Sanako Sign Lab. To meet the specific needs of this specialist field of language teaching and learning, we developed this unique software solution in collaboration with the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

The unique Sanako Sign Lab enables the tutor to efficiently interact with multiple students with activities such as watch and repeat, watch and speak, and watch and record audio commentary.

Sanako Sign Lab is able to transmit audio and/or video streams across the local network. The source to be transmitted can be a media file, and also a live video/webcam or the contents of your screen.

With the ability to stream live web camera, the Sanako Sign Lab allows to transmit or share source material to the class also when students are unable to browse to the content themselves. This feature is especially beneficial in exams and for testing purposes.

For more information, please contact your local Sanako Partner.