SANAKO Launches New Interactive Online Community for Teachers and Students

SANAKO has launched its renewed online user community, the SANAKO Virtual Educational Community.

The SVEC replaces the previous User Club and Discussion Forum and offers members a more interactive online and community experience.

The changes will provide existing community users with services similar to those of other popular social networking sites, while offering specialized discussions and resources for users of SANAKO solutions and other teaching professionals.

Members will be able to create personalized profiles, join and create groups with similar interests, receive news feeds based on activity within groups, send messages and of course, engage in discussions. The virtual environment provides an array of other user functionalities, including many “widgets” that can be used to enhance members’ profiles and overall online user experience. The community will also make specialized SANAKO content available to complement classroom and off-campus teaching and learning activities.

Virtual Teacher-Student Interaction

The virtual community will allow teachers to extend learning encounters with their students by re-creating class groups. This means that teachers can invite a group of students to join the community via an invitation e-mail. When students join they will be automatically assigned to the teacher’s group, and the teacher will have the opportunity to oversee and guide all interaction within the group. Such groups can then be used to complement classroom-based teaching, support schools without their own Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) by providing file storage and can even be used as the basis for virtual class and school exchange programs.

The new virtual environment reinforces SANAKO’s commitment to providing a value-added service that enhances the total experience of SANAKO users and other teaching professionals and caters to digital natives familiar with second web trends.

Current members may log in to the community using their existing log-in and passwords and update their profiles. New members can register to join and then create profiles. After log-in, new and existing members will be invited to fill in a basic “Joining Wizard”, which will automatically assign them to groups. Members can then freely retire from these groups and/or create and join other groups.

Existing and new members may login or register to join the community at the same web address used for our previous User Club and Discussion Forum: