SANAKO and MPC/Gateway to Provide State-Of-The-Art Classroom Management Solutions for Education

SANAKO announced today that MPC/Gateway will offer SANAKO classroom management software as part of its solutions portfolio for the education market. Specifically designed for MPC/Gateway, SANAKO Study 500 software features Exam and Poll Query functionalities and supports teacher-led classroom interaction for effective teaching in digital classrooms. Study 500’s powerful and feature-rich classroom management capabilities ensure that teachers are fully in control of these stimulating learning environments.

The solution will be sold primarily into the K-12 and higher education markets where MPC/Gateway has a significant presence. Sold alongside MPC/Gateway’s range of renowned convertible notebook PCs, this digital classroom solution will enhance educators’ teaching techniques by enabling them to closely monitor students’ studies digitally.  The interactive software also makes lessons more engaging for students and saves valuable time in tracking and managing paper, so there is more time for learning.

Juha Merinen, SANAKO’s executive vice president for global sales and partnerships said with MPC/Gateway being a key player in U.S. education, the strategic alliance will bring quick, clear and measurable benefits for K-12 and higher education institutions. “Together with MPC/Gateway, we are delighted to announce this long-term relationship heralding a new era in solutions for educators and students.”

Slater Ohm, MPC/Gateway’s director of segment marketing, said the solution provides important benefits for teachers working with its PCs in the classroom. “Classroom management software is an integral part of any one-to-one computing solution and software like SANAKO Study 500 allows teachers and students to maximize the effectiveness of their technology in the classroom.”

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