SANAKO Partners in Microsoft School of the Future Summit

SANAKO is pleased to be among education leaders at the third annual Microsoft School of the Future Summit to take place in Helsinki, Finland. Sanako joins two other reputable companies, Houghton Mifflin Learning Technology and the Henry Ford Learning Institute, in sponsoring the event.

From 30 October until 1 November thought leaders from around the world will gather to challenge, debate, discuss and discover issues of education. This year’s theme is “Innovation in the Age of Accountability”, and the benchmark event has attracted over 300 attendees from nearly 50 countries.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss future solutions and help shape the future of education for the 21st Century.

The objective of the School of the Future World Summit is to bring together policy makers from around the world to share best practices and talk about the role that ICT can play in education. The event showcases new methods and ideas in education and the role technology plays in making education a positive force for future economies.

SANAKO Sales Director Juha Merinen said, “Sponsorship of this landmark education event represents our ongoing commitment to developing progressive technologies that support sustainable education programs worldwide.”

Finland’s Minister of Education and Science, Sari Sarkomaa will deliver an address while distinguished presenters from over 15 countries will also address participants. This year, speakers will come from Brazil, France, USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Australia, Colombia, and Guatemala.

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