SANAKO Partners with Nokia to Launch Handheld Learning Solution

SANAKO, leaders in live language learning technology, have partnered with the world leader in mobility Nokia to launch an Internet-based handheld learning solution.

The move reflects the rapid growth in the use of online content and services in UK education and is based on the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

A handheld device that fits in any pocket, the N810 features a 4.13″ WVGA”display with 800 x 480 pixels, together with a browser based on Mozilla technology including support for AJAX and Flash 9. This means that even rich media sites can be accessed from the N810 in the same way as from a PC. With web access from school or home to an individual, online learning space coming to schools soon as part of the personalised learning agenda, this means that learners can access on-line content from home or on the move in a same way they do from the ICT suite at the moment.

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard although if you prefer, you can enter text directly onto the screen with a finger or stylus. Although it isn’t a mobile phone – it connects to the Internet using either WiFi or a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone – it can be used to make VoIP calls and features built-in support for both Skype and Instant Messaging, which along with the front mounted video calling camera, makes it great for video conferencing, role play or other collaborative activities in the classroom.  You can also listen to radio or podcasts which can be used to support learning in the class or at home whilst the built-in GPS and mapping software make it an ideal tool for field trips.

Seamless Integration Between Home and School Life

Education partners SANAKO have focused on ensuring that the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet integrates seamlessly with school life and with classroom activities in particular and have added a unique, mobile version of their SANAKO Study 500 class management software.

As well as providing to teachers the tools to encourage collaborative work in class, this also enables them to add links to on-line learning resources by updating an active “play list” for individual students, groups or the whole class at any time during the lesson or lead learners through a web safari of on-line learning resources.

Additionally, and to ensure that everybody’s “on-task” and that teachers can mentor and intervene as required, Sanako Study 500 provides a thumbnail view of every Nokia N810 Internet Tablet in the class whilst individual student work can be displayed on a whiteboard within seconds.

Ian McDowall, Sanako’s UK Managing Director, feels that the collaboration with Nokia will enthuse both pupils and teachers alike He said, “We’re very confident that our collaboration with Nokia will provide a smooth integration of handheld learning in any classroom in school and at the same time engage learners with technology from a global brand they know so that they choose to continue learning outside of school.”

Sanako will work to develop an educational edition, which is based on Nokia N810 Internet Tablet that makes use of the Linux Operating System.  A software developer kit for the open source community has been available for some time. Already a number of applications are available whilst the Sanako package also includes access to an on-line set-up wizard that enables schools to quickly and easily select the applications they would like to install on the tablet as well as add bookmarks linking to the school web site, Learning Platform or on-line content.