SANAKO Partners with SIVECO to Launch Interactive Digital Science Lab

SANAKO, leaders in live learning technology, have partnered with Siveco, a major e-learning content provider, to launch a digital science lab that provides practical approaches for teaching most natural sciences including Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics.Officially launched during BETT 2009, SANAKO Study Science Lab is a convenient digital learning tool that is pedagogically-sound and makes it easy for teachers to convert a regular computer classroom into an interactive science lab, simply by downloading and launching the appropriate digital learning unit for students.

Study Science Lab is an effective resource that allows teachers to combine digital simulations* with real classroom demonstrations of the same experiment – students reinforce theoretical knowledge by engaging in accurately simulated experiments in a safe environment. The digital delivery ensures that teaching time is extended as there is no need to setup and maintain multiple sets of physical apparatus.

This highly motivating and interactive software engages students and provides teachers with essential classroom management tools to help differentiate and personalise student learning as they engage in experiments.

*SANAKO Study Science Lab digital content provided by SIVECO Romania