Sanako pre-launches a new Study product and a community site at BETT

Sanako Corporation will pre-launch Sanako Study Solo and a new community site at BETT 2012 in London on 11th January. At Sanako’s stand in addition to these new items visitors can see demos of Sanako’s other software, hardware and cloud computing based language labs.Sanako Study Solo has interactive multimedia content and the language learning application in one package. It is a powerful language learning software application with a content integration possibility for improving language skills either independently or in the language classroom. The off-the-shelf modular content will include different types of exercises for studying English. In the future content will also be available for other languages.

The Sanako community is a free website on which teachers can find and share resources for language teaching. Most current resources are for English teaching, but resources in any language can be shared. The Community will contain language teaching resources for use both with Sanako installations and applications, and in a general classroom situation. It is also a place for language teachers to share ideas, ask questions, give answers and connect globally.

Sanako Speak! is an exciting new service which inspires language students to actively participate in  language learning and encourages them to practice much more frequently than is possible in a traditional classroom or face-to-face environment, from anywhere in the world where they have access to a computer and internet connection.

Sanako Study Primary meets the requirements of the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages and encourages children to learn French or Spanish through speaking. The recording capabilities develop young linguists’ speaking skills and gives them confidence to learn by doing.

Sanako Study 1200 is a dynamic software-only digital language laboratory. It is everything language teachers and students need for language learning; improve all aspects of your students’ language proficiency on- and off-campus.

Sanako Study 700 is the affordable solution for entry-level language teaching. Study 700 can be installed into any existing computer classroom to create a language lab with all essential functionalities. Teachers are provided with the tools to support and monitor students.

Sanako Lab 100 is an easy-to-use digital language lab with professional quality audio. It turns any classroom into a modern language lab without having to invest in student PCs.

You are very welcome to come and see product demonstrations at the Sanako stand, located at Q29 in the Grand Hall.

More information:
Sari Lappalainen, Head of Marketing, tel. +358 40 511 3457

About Sanako Corporation 
Sanako language learning solutions inspires exceptional results. As the global leader in teacher led language learning software, language labs, and next generation virtual language learning solutions, Sanako strives to improve comprehension, speaking and communication skills through efficient teaching methods. Sanako has worked closely with its customers for over 50 years for providing inspirational and personal language learning environments. Sanako’s products and services include software and hardware-based digital language labs for classrooms, cloud based solutions for virtual environment, flexible content integration and training modules as well as consultation.  With more than 30,000 classroom installations in over 100 countries worldwide, Sanako solutions suit a variety of classroom and distance learning environments. The Finland-based Sanako has offices in 6 countries and works with a network of over 200 partners worldwide. For more information, please visit