Sanako Web Recorder released – try it out for free

We are happy to introduce a completely new product, the Sanako Web Recorder!

Sanako Web Recorder

Sanako Web Recorder is a free online application for playing and recording audio and completing various multimedia content exercises. The Web Recorder can be used for independent language learning, as well as a complement to existing Sanako solutions that allows for remote practice.

New era of language learning

No installations or downloads are needed, so The Web Recorder is a true online solution for language practice. With its introduction Sanako becomes the first company to offer a language learning web app to Chromebooks. The Web Recorder is the first step to a new era in language learning both as an online solution, as well as with the inclusion of the Chromebook platform.
The recorder can currently be used with the Google Chrome browser on Chromebooks™, PCs and Macs with more platforms to follow soon.

Try out the Sanako Web Recorder

Download Google Chrome here.