Sanako will participate in BETT exhibition, 12-15 January, 2011

Sanako Corporation will launch two new products at BETT 2011 in London on 12th January: Sanako Speak! and Study Primary. At Sanako’s stand in addition to the new products visitors can see demos of our proven software language laboratories Study 1200 and Study 700 and the popular digital language laboratory, Sanako Lab 100.

Sanako Speak! is an easy-to-use software offering a variety of language learning activities for any language. Based on cloud computing neither teacher preparation nor student completion need be tied to traditional classroom settings, but can be done anywhere a computer and internet connection are available.

Sanako Study Primary meets the requirements of the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages and encourages children to learn French or Spanish through speaking, a proven method to learning a language. The recording capabilities develop young linguists speaking skills and gives confidence to learn by doing.

Sanako Study 1200 is a dynamic software only digital language laboratory. Everything language teachers and students need for language learning; improve all aspects of your students’ language proficiency on- and off-campus. Wide variety of language learning exercises for the classroom, targeted to improve reading, writing, listening and especially speaking.

Sanako Study 700 is the affordable solution for entry-level language teaching. Study 700 can be installed into any existing computer classroom to create a language lab with all essential functionalities. Students benefit from the important language learning functionalities, including listening and speaking. Teachers are provided with the tools to support and monitor students.

Sanako Lab 100 is an easy-to-use digital language lab with professional quality audio. It turns any classroom into a modern language lab without having to invest in student PCs. It seamlessly integrates with any school network providing digital (MP3) recordings for the teacher to appraise as required.

Trustworthy, inspired and personal are the basic pillars of the Sanako brand which is also reflected in the new brand image visible at Sanako’s stand.

You are very welcome to visit Sanako Stand F66 in Grand Hall.

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