SANAKO and Zhejiang Zheda Tuling Software Technology Co. Ltd. cooperate in Chinese Educational Sector

SANAKO and Zhejiang Zheda Tuling Software Technology Co. Ltd. (Tuling) have announced a strategic business partnership. Both companies will work together to promote their solutions to educational customers in China.

The partnership will allow both companies to cross-utilize their current and future customer networks to sell and market educational solutions, products and localized value added service offerings.

Tuling’s extensive geographical coverage, world class competence and experience in the Chinese educational market will strengthen SANAKO’s presence in China, providing significant customer benefits and giving SANAKO solutions a major competitive advantage.

In turn, SANAKO’s state-of-the-art educational software and live language learning solutions will complement Tuling’s total offering.

Modern Technology with Localized Competence and Service

With extensive joint expertise in serving the educational sector, SANAKO and Tuling will collaborate to provide innovative solutions that improve managed internet-era learning outcomes in the classroom, as well as across campuses and school districts.

Both parties aim to provide customers with more complete integrated teaching solutions that include modern learning technology, relevant content and localized customer-oriented services.

SANAKO Executive Vice President Juha Merinen said the strategic partnership with Tuling – a key player in the Chinese IT market – will bring teaching in China into the rapidly evolving era of 21st century learning.

“Our goal is to co-operate with the highest quality partners worldwide to provide value-added solutions and services for our customers. We are delighted to announce this long-term strategic partnership with Tuling which we believe heralds a new era of best-in-class solutions for educators and students globally.”

General Manager of Tuling Mr. Chen Xiaoping added, “Tuling is devoted to providing its educational customers with top quality offerings. We are now closely cooperating with SANAKO, the world’s leading educational learning solutions provider.  I am convinced that this strategic partnership will bring greater benefits to our customers and that it will allow both parties to build on their successes in the global learning market.”

Zhejiang Zheda Tuling Software Technology Co. Ltd.

Tuling is the leader in IT system integration. Its customers cover education, telecommunication, government, finance, corporate, power supply and many others all over China.

Strongly backed by Zhejiang University as its affiliated company, Tuling is a company with competitive advantages in technology, human capital, partnership and finance. Its vision is to provide excellent and valuable service to the customers.

Tuling is the core company of Insigma group which is the leader in IT and environment solution and is listed in Shanghai Stock Exchanges. Tuling’s partner includes MICROSOFT, LENOVO, CISCO, EMC, IBM, ORACLE, VERITAS, etc.