Era Business School, India:
Language Lab has enabled better management of language classes. We see unlimited opportunities to enhance our language instruction offered by the system. Teachers and students are more motivated and the learning experience is richer.
Nord-Østerdal videregående skole, Norway:
We are 8 – 10 different language teachers who are currently using Sanako Study 1200 on a weekly basis. We are very pleased both with the broad functionality, the performance and stability and the quality of support when needed.
The Kings School, Ely, United Kingdom:
The language lab has revolutionised the way we teach and students learn a language within just a term of using it. This piece of software can be as simple or as elaborate as the teacher chooses and, that is, in my opinion, one of the great benefits of this solution.
State High school Geschwister Scholl, Saalfeld, Germany:
Students are able to learn more and teachers can do more with the students. Study 1200 helps teachers to manage language classes more effectively, and students’ results have improved by 30 %, for example, individual results may have improved by an entire grade.